Premium Product Quality
To provide a top quality long shelf life product, Butters Farms uses a rigorous production process; the best seed, staged planting to match maturity to your ordering needs, well-managed pick process and ship protocol. Each step is designed and controlled by our expert staff.
During growing, bi-weekly field inspections by registered agronomists manage insect and disease issues.
All products are washed, disinfected and some have apple wax applied for shine. All materials and inputs used during processing are food grade. Process equipment is specially designed to maintain the best quality while washing, drying and moving the product. Air circulation around finished product is part of our system design. We dry the corn in kilns for consistent moisture content and to eliminate spoilage.

Packaging and boxes are all designed for product freshness.
Shipping is the last part of that system, through the use of refrigerated trucks in continuous operation to ensure constant air movement. Temp Tales constantly monitor conditions.
Pallets are CHEP if required, or inspected grade A or AA pallets. Product Packaging is durable and corners are added to pallets before wrapping for shipment.
To ensure a dust free product we use a progressive cleaning program to eliminate dust, mold, odor, and vermin. Twice daily cleaning of the area maintains our product integrity. The shipping area is isolated from production with its own lift trucks preventing dust tracking and other cross contamination.

Our integrated and managed production, pick, process and ship systems ensures peak maturity is maintained and your products are at their best when you receive them.
Identification is provided by bar coding. Our Farm is GS1 compliant and we have the ability to date stamp products during processing.

The farm has been in this business for more than twenty-five years, meeting the needs of large international customers.
Our production and processing systems are all designed with your product needs in mind… meeting your deadlines with a very fresh and desirable product.

Butters Farms is fully integrated with consistent staffing. Each aspect of production is under our control so we can predict excellent quality and delivery. We have no outside growers or processors. 1600 acres of prime irrigated weather independent sandy land is ideally suited for the products we grow.
Production technology and equipment is specially designed for product quality and efficiency. Using iTrade, EDI and other electronic systems orders are received, processed and shipped to meet your deadlines.